Right of first refusal/tax relief
1. Legislation applicable to divestitures and preemptive rights

Law 107/2001 of September 8, Law of Bases of Cultural Heritage: Article 35 - Transmission of classified goods; Article 36 - Duty to communicate the transmission; Article 37 - Right of first refusal; Article 38 - Scribes and records;

 2. Application form for certificates

Download the form here.

 3. How to obtain the Certificate?

To obtain the certificates for the exercise of preemptive rights in costly transmissions or tax benefits, you must complete the form and deliver it to the Cultural Property Services Directorate of the Regional Directorate of Culture:

Presently in our facilities - Casa de Ramalde, Rua Church de Ramalde nº 1, 4149-011 Porto.
Via postal to above address.
 The application must be accompanied by a copy of the urban land register and / or the land registry office.

If the property is located outside the city of Porto, the request must be accompanied by a location plan, issued by the respective City Council (preferably 1: 2000 or 1: 5000 scale). Photographs of the property may also be requested if there are doubts as to the location of the property. If there are doubts as to the location of the property in the city of Porto, the location of the property in a topographic plan can be requested.

 The certificate is issued individually for an urban or rural building and for a single purpose only. A form must be completed for each urban building. If the property is made up of horizontal property, you must fill out a form for each urban building, that is, for each autonomous fraction. The certificate is issued for a single purpose (eg Preemptive Right or Tax Benefits).

 4. How to fill out the form?

For pre-emptive right exercises, an "X" in "Sale" must be marked and all data of the owner (s) and acquirer (s) must be clearly legible and the data relating to the property must be completed in "B". The second page may be blank, or only fill in point B1 equal to point B. The 3rd page "E-Annex" should indicate other co-owners and / or other purchasers. If there are no other owners or purchasers you should not fill this page.

 For tax benefits, an "X" in "Tax Benefits" must be marked, fill in legibly all the data of the owner and in point B, of the property.

5. Where to go and what time to receive the orders and delivery of the certificates

DRCN / DSBC - Ramalde House, Ramalde Church Street, nº 1, 4149-011 Porto.

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. | 14:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (afternoon).

6. What is the delivery time?

10 business days / 2 business days with urgency rate (1).

The certificates are handed over to our facilities at Casa de Ramalde (DRCN / DSBC).

7. What is the cost and method of payment?

Twenty euros (€ 20.00) / Forty euros (€ 40.00) with urgency rate (2).

Payment can be made in cash, check, money order or by bank transfer to IBAN PT500781 0112 01120011508 54.

This service does not have an ATM.

 8. What is the validity of the certificate?

The certificate is valid for 6 months.

NOTE: The deed must only be marked after obtaining the certificate of sale (Right of Preference).

 (1) and (2): Administrative Rule No. 359/2004 of April 5, Order No. 8232/2011, DR, 2nd Series, No. 113, of June 14, 2011 (Annex II), paragraph 4 letter b) .; Statement of rectification nº 1040/2011, D.R., 2nd series, nº 121, of June 27, 2011.