DRCN continuously promotes projects of a cultural nature in partnership with other public, national or international organizations, benefiting from the support of community funds.
In the execution of projects, the DRCN held exhibitions dedicated to writers from the region of Douro. Seven exhibitions of The Douro in the Paths of Literature are therefore available for roaming. The entities interested in requesting should consult the regulation and send to the DRCN the request form.
The DRCN also has an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Alves Redol, which is available for roaming in places such as schools, libraries or other cultural spaces, upon request.
The project Writers to North - lives with work in houses of writings - dedicated to museum houses in the region, is in progress and it provides for the creation of a portal, the production of a series of documentaries and the production of a book with edition in 4 languages.

In the area of ​​cross-border cooperation, the Nortear Literary Prize project is developed for new writers from the North of Portugal and Galicia. In establishing this prize, DRCN intends to promote the development of literary works, presenting itself as a challenge to new writers, particularly young people, in order to show their works and their talents. See here the Rules of the Nortear Prize.