Mapping of Cultural Agents and Equipments
The Regional Directorate of Culture of the North has been promoting a mapping work of the cultural agents of the North Region, which allows organizing information about cultural agents, activities and places related to culture in a municipality or region. The mapping can be fed by public agents and also by cultural agents in a collaborative way. It allows a complete registration of the producers and cultural spaces of the region, contributing to the elaboration of public policies in the area of ​​culture.

In order to be included in the map, cultural agents can register using the form available here.

(Cultural agents are individual or collective persons, public or private, who, in the course of their activity, carry out actions of a nature or of a cultural, artistic or creative basis; cultural equipment and associations, training centers, knowledge and research , Promoters of cultural projects, platforms to promote culture in its diverse aspects, artists, authors and other creators).

On the other hand, work is also being carried out on the mapping of cultural equipment for municipal management in the North of the country. See the provisional listing here.

This initiative is part of the set of actions that the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North has been developing, in collaboration with the Intermunicipal Commissions and other agents of the region, within Portugal 2020.