Cultural Promotion

As a public service in the cultural area, the DRCN promotes the follow-up of professional cultural agents, determines the program of support for cultural agents, supports associativism and grants the status of cultural patronage and public utility.
In the field of cultural promotion activities, the DRCN also promotes the dynamism of the monuments, museums and cultural facilities that are affected by it, namely through the creation of concerts and exhibitions that foster cultural, pedagogical and tourist enjoyment in these spaces.
In this context we highlight the programming of the Casa das Artes that includes the reception of activities in the various artistic areas - Architecture, Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Music and Theater. Here, artists, respected or young promises, have a space to present their projects. Also noteworthy for the regular programming of the Henrique Alves Costa Room, which includes national and foreign films and the classics, and there is also a place to host film festivals.