Movable heritage

Movable cultural property are part of the cultural heritage and its protection is specifically provided for in Law 107/2001 of 8 September.

The protection of movable cultural property based on the classification and inventory, acts of formal recognition of asset value, placing cultural property under the protection mechanisms provided for in the legislation. The classification procedure and inventory and the rules applicable to the export, shipment, import and admission of movable cultural property, are set out in Decree-Law No. 148/2015 of 4 August.

The interventions in movable cultural heritage comply with the provisions of Law 107/2001 of September 8 and Decree-Law 140/2009 of 15 June.

The conservation and restoration of movable heritage is today a specialized area which requires solid scientific knowledge, strict ethical principles and a constant effort to upgrade to new methods, techniques and best practices.

The DRCN has very qualified staff with extensive experience to the exercise of the powers assigned to it, including the provision of services and technical support to public and private entities.

The main forms of intervention of the DRCN in safeguarding and enhancement of movable cultural heritage are:
  • The management of movable cultural property included in the collections of museums and monuments affected to the DRCN.
  • The issue of prior opinions on interventions in movable cultural property classified, or existing real estate classifieds.
  • The development of diagnostic and specifications, under technical support or services to public or private entities.
  • The preparation and launching of tenders, analysis of proposals, coordination and follow-up work in the context of technical support or the provision of services to public or private entities.
  • Collaboration with DGPC in movable cultural property classification.
  • Support and services to public and private entities in the study, inventory, storage, security, interpretation and exhibition of movable cultural property.
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