Main Church of Meinedo
Location N 41° 14' 54.789" | W 8° 15' 26.908"
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The Church of Meinedo, dating from centuries XIII-XIV, has architectural and decorative features marked by great simplicity but of great historical and artistic value. The campaign of archaeological excavations between 1991 and 1993 identified part of a chapel of a building, which may date from the Swabian period (V-VI centuries).

In 1113, the Bishop of Porto, Hugo, received the King Afonso Henriques the "cotum” of Santo Tirso of Meinedo monastery. According to the legend this monastery has received during the Visigoth domain (VI century), the Santo Tirso body, coming from the city of Constantinople. Meinedo have been in this period the seat of a bishopric.

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The church displays plant of a single nave and rectangular head, both with wooden cover. The main portal has archivolts decorated with motifs of pearls. Inside the church deserves mention the abundant and unique ornamentation cruise arch and the chancel, which combines the mannerist and baroque styles. In the latter, emphasis on the tiles and the ceiling coffered with themes of Mariana life. The sculpture of Nossa Senhora de Meinedo or Nossa Senhora das Neves in polychrome limestone, it is a work of Gothic style.

Undergoes several changes over the centuries, but in the XX century suffers a restore from the old DGEM. Despite the Main Church of Meinedo displays several stylistic solutions stands out its national altarpieces and rococo style.

The Church of Santa Maria of Meinedo integrates the Romanesque Route.

Adapted from: Romanesque Route

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