Domus Municipalis
Location N 41° 48’ 12.12” | W 6° 44’ 55.61”
Rua da Cidadela 5300-025 Bragança
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ScheduleEveryday between 9h30-18h30
PriceFree visit
+351 273 322 181 | +351 226 197 080
Classified as a National Monument since 1910, the Domus Municipalis is a rare example of civil Romanesque architecture. The building had a dual function cistern and seat of municipal meetings.

The cistern, underground, has a vault in cradle reinforced by two arches and the upper body, torn by arches, forms a large gallery where they discussed the affairs of the municipality.

Under the cornice runs to corbels with late Romanesque motifs.

No consensus among experts, the construction of the building must have occurred between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries.
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