Diogo de Sousa Archaeological Museum
Location 41.44264 | -8.292257
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Created in 1918 and revitalized in 1980 the Diogo de Sousa Museum is an Archaeology Museum, opened to the public since June 2007 in a building built from scratch.

Their collections consist mainly in spoils of archaeological research that as been conducted in the North, particularly in the city of Braga.

The collection covers a wide chronological and cultural period between the Palaeolithic and the Middle Age.

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The permanent exhibition is organized around four main points. The first covers the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age. From the geographical point of view this collection provenance area includes the Minho region. In other rooms, the collection come from Bracara Augusta and the area around it.

In the second room can be observed elements that illustrate the integration of the Roman Empire city and the development of local activities: ceramics, metal and glass. In the third room can take up contact allusive to urbanism, public spaces and Roman Household. In the last room, besides a set of milestones from the Roman pathways, you can observe the necropolis estate. Some findings related to religion in the Roman and Paleo Christian period, enclose the permanent exhibition.

The basement of the services block retain traces of a dwelling, "in situ”, of the Roman Age, with a mosaic.

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    Ramp at the museum entrance. It has wheelchair and elevator. I tis accessible for people with motor disabilities.

    Public Services provided:


    Shop working during opening to the public;

    Cafeteria and restaurant operating during opening to the public;
    Permanent Exhibitions of Archaeology;

    Temporary Exhibitions;

    Providing spaces for events;



    Technical support services: restoration and conservation, archaeological design, appreciation of the ruins.

    Education Service:

    Guided tours, workshops and other activities for school groups and other groups.

    Documentation Centre/Library:

    The Museum Library offers support in research based on the available assets covering topics related with Archaeology, Museology, conservation and restoration, History and Regional Heritage.


    121 seats, with sound and image equipment and prepared booths for simultaneous translation.

    Getting there:

    Urban Bus: 7 urban transport Braga Parking:

    Parking next to the museum.


    Every day. From 16 September to 31 May: 9:30 am to 17:30 |

    From 1 June to 15 September: From 9:30 to 18:00.