Church of Freixo de Baixo
Location N 41° 17' 57.01" | W 8° 7' 20.18"
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National Monument since 1935, Freixo de Baixo still remains as a major symbol of the monastic complex established by feudal power and taken by the order of the Regular Canons of St. Augustine. Deployed along a watercourse, in a fertile valley, the Monastery still impresses the visitor.

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The persistence of the primitive church porch foundations and the primitive cloister remains, along with a robust bell tower, give this set an unusual monumentality in the landscape of the Portuguese Romanesque architecture. The facade is the element of the original best-preserved church. Reinforced by two corners, it features a robust portal whose archivolts are decorated with dihedral logs. The capitals bear affronted animals, phytomorphic and vegetal motifs, like São Pedro de Ferreira (Paços de Ferreira) and the Salvador of Paço de Sousa (Penafiel).

Inside the church excels the fresh highlighted painting, visible in the southern nave wall beside the pulpit. It is a scene of the Epiphany, attributed to the Master of 1510 who participated in the execution of Vila Verde and Pombeiro (Felgueiras) and the St. Nicholas paintings (Marco de Canaveses).

The Church of Salvador of Freixo de Baixo integrates the Romanesque Route.

Adapted from: Romanesque Route

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