Castle of Arnóia
Location 41.363749 | -8.051907
Place the Castle, 4890-020 Celorico de Basto, Braga
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Castle of Arnóia (also known as Castle of Moreira and the Moorish Castle), is situated between Arnóia and Moreira in Celorico de Basto, is classified as a National Monument since 1946 and is State property. Was an important head of land Castle referred already in the year of 1258 interrogations and its construction is part of the castling movement that marked the European territory between the X and XII centuries.

Situated on top of a hill with excellent visibility, this Castle consists of a main tower of square plan, protected by a walled enclosure. At the base of the Castle was developed the settlement of the Castle Village which was the county seat, with a Town Hall, Pillory and Jail. On the hill front to the Castle is situated the Gallows, that as the Pillory, were restored in the decade of 60 of the XX century.

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Archaeological remains concerning to the occupation of the fortress between the XIV and the XVI centuries have been identified. This is already the decay time of the structure which in peacetime, was only a symbol of administrative organisation and feudal power that ruled the territory. The abandonment was definitely from 1717, when elites left the small place of Basto Village, changing the county seat for the parish of Britelo, where is today Celorico de Basto.

The memory of the small village of Basto still exists along the extension that led to it and that linked the old road of Lixa (Felgueiras) to the major route Amarante - Arco de Baúlhe (Cabeceiras de Basto), today identified as the Castle’s Village. The pillory, the audience home and pharmacy remind the busy road as where the village was developed.

The Arnóia Castle integrates de Romanesque Route.

Adapted from: The Romanesque Route

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    Interpretive Centre - Wednesday to Sunday: 10.00h-13.00h / 14.00h-18.00h Closed on Monday and Tuesday and on holidays Easter Sunday, Christmas and January 1st.