Casa de Ramalde
Location N 41.169012º | W 8.646712º
Rua Igreja de Ramalde 4149-011 Porto
Useful Information
The Casa de Ramalde belongs to Leite family from the first half of the sixteenth century. At that time, the building was quite simple and was already partially integrated into the new building designed by Nasoni in the eighteenth century, at a date close to that found in the attached chapel - 1746.

The current building has a rectangular floor plan with two floors and a chapel with a single nave that Nasoni have connected to the house. The entire assembly is enclosed by a large wall, that covers the house, the chapel, an area of agricultural land and a garden.

The Casa de Ramalde is also known as "Burnt House", because of the fire suffered during the French invasions. Currently houses the Directorate of Cultural Property Services.
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