Ancient Church Monastery of Santa Clara
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The Franciscan church of the monastery of Santa Clara of Vila do Conde is classified as National Monument and has a Special Protection Zone which may be included in the category of patriotic monuments.

The legibility of the monastic complex which includes the Church of Santa Clara was greatly compromised by the intervention of 'reintegration' carried out by DGEMN in the 30s of the XX century. The documental repository of this intervention is currently available in, and there is a fundamental documentary heritage for the knowledge of the history of the monument and site management consists on the inventory of funds. - Document processes and iconographic catalogue (images and pieces designed) resulting from the tasks entrusted to the Regional Direction of Porto of the former Portuguese Institute of Architectonic Heritage (IPPAR), now pursued by the DRCN.

State Property in permanent assignment to worship, resulting regime of the Concordat between the Holy Cathedral and the Portuguese Republic in 2004, and the Church of Santa Clara of Vila do Conde was reopened for worship and culture on November 1, 2008, after a period of two years that its doors remained closed.


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