Operation Vale do Varosa II

Designation of the Project
| Varosa Valley II
Project Code | NORTE-04-2114-FEDER-000341
Main Objective | Conservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage
Intervention Region | North
Beneficiary Entity | Regional Directorate of Culture of the North

Date of Approval | 13.04.2017
Start Date | 04.05.2017
Date of conclusion |
Total Cost Eligible | € 1 989 226,40 €
Financial support from the European Union | € 1 690 842.44
National / Regional Public Financial Support | € 298 383.96 

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

Under the responsibility of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North, the Vale do Varosa project has the concept of installing a Network of Monuments in the same name valley, covering the municipalities of Tarouca and Lamego, in an integrated regional strategy benefiting from a high concentration of Real estate and historical elements of high tourist-cultural interest, allowing to optimize investments and to promote an overall tourist development.

At the beginning of the project, the project was started with a funding of ON2, which began in 2009, including in the first phase the partial recovery and opening to the public of the Monastery of St. John of Tarouca, Monastery of St. Mary of Salzedas and Convent of St. Anthony of Ferreirim, While historical real estate of enormous value in terms of identity, artistic and heritage, and as such, of high tourist potential.

It was intended that the values ​​of identity and heritage should be combined with economic value, business opportunities and local employment development, and social value for improving the quality of life of populations. Due to its proximity to the Douro Heritage of Humanity; Historical link to the vineyard Douro; And a high concentration of historical points of visit, this territory has unique potentialities that already constitute it as a cultural product essential to the activity of the tour operators around the river axis of the Douro, allowing contents of visit of high quality and diversity, This was one of the main goals of the project: To valorize the patrimonial anchor assets of the region, seeking to make available to the tourist agents duly structured visit points, including reception, auditorium and interpretive center; Materials for dissemination and support for the visit; And specialized guides.

Since the initial objectives of the project were achieved with the conclusion of the application submitted to the ON2 program, it is now justified in a second phase of the project to continue, consolidate, expand and improve it through a set of carefully thought out actions aimed at expanding the areas Already open to the public; The integration of new patrimonial elements in the routes of visit already structured; The increase of the diversity of elements and themes of visit; The extension of the network to new high-value monuments; And reinforcement of communication / dissemination of the project with a view to increasing the number of visitors and tour operators that integrate the network in their tourist packages.

The aim of this new operation is to widen the visitor areas; Integration of new heritage elements in the visitation routes; And an increase in the diversity of themes and themes visited in the monastery of St. John of Tarouca, Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas and Convent of St. Anthony of Ferreirim, already integrated in the network and intervened in the first phase.

The extension of the network to new high-value monuments will be materialized through intervention on the Fortified Bridge of Ucanha, already included in the network since 2014 in terms of guided tours, but which is now intended to safeguard and rehabilitate, in response to its accelerated degradation, And thus, improve the conditions and quality visit of this National Monument unique in national terms.