Operation Route of the Cathedrals in the North

Designation of the Project
| North Cathedrals Route
Project Code | NORTE-04-2114-FEDER-000061
Main Objective | Conservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage
Intervention Region | North
Beneficiary Entity | Regional Direction of Culture of the North, Diocese of Bragança and Miranda, Cabido da Sé de Braga, Factory of the Parish Church of Sé, Factory of the Parish Church of Santa Maria Maior de Viana, Factory of the Cathedral of Oporto, Factory of the Parish Church of the Cathedral - St. Dinis

Date of Approval | 25.05.2016
Start Date | 20.06.2016
Date of conclusion |
Total Cost Eligible | € 2 464 475.07
Financial support from the European Union | € 2,094,803.81
National / Regional Public Financial Support | € 369 671.26

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

This Operation is one of the instruments that will allow to promote and consolidate the national project called "Route of the Cathedrals", created in June 2009 through a Cooperation Agreement signed between the Ministry of Culture and the Portuguese Episcopal Conference. Religious, historical, artistic, cultural, symbolic and patrimonial character of the Cathedrals, is a materialization of the principles enunciated in the Concordat, as well as consubstantiating the fundamental principles of the Law of Bases of Patrimony (Law No. 107/2001). Monuments, in the sense of a cultural offer of excellence, in alliance with a careful cultural programming, involving the community in its protection and appreciation. " In the Northern Region this project was assumed by the Regional Directorate of Culture and by the ecclesiastical entities of the 6 Dioceses of the Region, namely Porto, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real, Lamego and Bragança / Miranda.

Asset recovery of immovable and movable property of Cathedrals; It is important to emphasize in this objective its character of continuity and permanence. It is a question of implementing actions, framed in intervention plans of each of the monuments, with a view to recovering the assets in the presence (real estate and furniture), not only in a logic of urgent urgency, but also in the sense of valuing spaces Architectural and associated heritage sites. They should have expression of recovery and restoration actions of diverse nature, being particularly relevant those in which are improved and facilitate the visit to the monuments. • Interpretation of patrimonies conferring meaning to places; This objective allows Rota to assume in its structuring and operation the recommendations of the Charter of Cultural Heritage - ICOMOS (April 2007), guaranteeing the construction of contents and the elaboration of narratives capable of creating expectations and interest by different audiences.

The cathedrals to the north are buildings that, due to their age, the materials and construction methodologies used, and the associated integrated heritage (except for the new Cathedral of Bragança) require permanent monitoring and periodic interventions. Thus, this Operation arises in the continuation of another Operation, from the previous Community Framework, called "Cathedrals Route in the North of Portugal", which allowed to intervene in a set of more urgent situations of qualification and valorization of the built structures, in the integrated patrimony and in the Due to the technical complexity and the financial effort required, it can be said that if the previous operation allowed to keep "the door open" this operation is essentially aimed at "qualifying the visit." This new Operation "Cathedrals Route to the North" , Interventions for structural qualification and valuation of integrated heritage, planning and spatial planning interventions and visiting and promotion interventions and interpretation of Cathedrals and Rota.