Operation Days of Heritage

Designation of the Project
| Heritage Days to the North
Project Code | NORTE-04-2114-FEDER-000033
Main Objective | Conservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage
Intervention Region | North
Beneficiary Entity | Regional Directorate of Culture of the North

Date of Approval | 07.06.2016
Start Date | 15.06.2016
Date of conclusion |
Total Cost Eligible | € 399 750.00
Financial support from the European Union | 339 787,50 €
National / Regional Public Financial Support | 59 962.50 €

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

The "Days of Heritage to the North" operation is an innovative, attractive and attractive cultural tourism project, which uses cultural programming, mediation work with communities and communication to serve the qualification of the tourist experience Competitiveness of the regional economy.

The focus of this network event will be, in the first phase and within the scope of the present operation, the Network of Cathedrals to the North and the Network of Mosteiros de Norte, specifically the cathedrals of Braga, Bragança, Lamego and Miranda do Douro and the monasteries of Arouca , Grijó (Vila Nova de Gaia), Tibães (Braga) and Vilar de Frades (Barcelos). In order to provide an empathetic, surprising and striking experience, a unique and unique experience will be designed for each one of the places, offering a program that will impregnate spaces, visitors and communities with new memories. The programming cycle will take place over a period of eight months.

The purpose of the "Days of Heritage to the North" operation is to: • Contribute to the affirmation of the Northern Region as a tourist destination of excellence, increasing its attractiveness and contributing to increase the number of visitors • Attracting new national and international audiences through a • Encourage the private and public agents of the cultural, tourist, social and economic fabric of the territories involved to carry out projects / actions. • To reinforce the perception of heritage resources as places of cultural enjoyment and surprising tourist experiences. , Developing innovative projects that promote social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

The aim of this operation is to reinforce the perception of patrimonial resources as places of cultural enjoyment and surprising tourist experiences, encouraging the access of new publics to the culture and its identification with the symbolic capital that these places contain. A programming cycle will be implemented over eight months and in eight patrimonial spaces, which will serve as a regional network event.