Operation Church of Santa Clara do Porto

Designation of the Project
| Church of Santa Clara do Porto
Project Code | NORTE-04-2114-FEDER-000007
Main Objective | Conservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage
Intervention Region | North
Beneficiary Entity | Regional Directorate of Culture of the North

Date of Approval | 25.05.2016
Start Date | 14.06.2016
Date of conclusion |
Total Cost Eligible | 1 969 250.78 €
Financial support from the European Union | € 1 673 863.17
National / Regional Public Financial Support | 295 387.61 €

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

The church of Santa Clara do Porto, classified as a National Monument in 1910, is one of the best exemplars of the so-called gold-lined churches of the Baroque Joanino, retaining its gothic architectural structure dating back to the 15th century. It was seen, at the end of the seventeenth century, as "mirifica and sumptuous work". The ceremony for the establishment of the monastery of the Poor Clares of Porto, built inside the walls, took place six hundred years ago, on March 28, 1416, and was marked by the presence of the most important figures of the kingdom - King João I and the princes D. Fernando and D. Afonso - who from the first hour privileged the new house, and Bishop D. Fernando Guerra. It is mentioned, together with the church of São Francisco do Porto, as the best examples of gold-lined churches, revealing, unlike the latter, a formal unity that comes to them from the campaigns of works, at the level of the carving, carried out at the beginning of the Century of the Seventeenth.

The church of Santa Clara do Porto, classified as a National Monument, constitutes a relevant testimony of a female monastic group that integrates a vast network of religious heritage. Its conservation status and the pathologies that affect it endanger this important patrimonial heritage and its full transmission to future generations. The scale of this group and its conservation status require the continuation of the first phase of intervention, carried out between 2014-2015, within the framework of an application to the NSRF.

It is intended, in addition to the physical intervention in the set, the promotion and dynamization of this odd patrimony through cultural programming initiatives. The main purpose of this operation is to carry out the works of conservation and restoration of the mobile and integrated artistic heritage; Proceed with rehabilitation, restoration and consolidation of the building; Concrete actions of promotion, attracting the most different public for the enjoyment of the monument.

The church of Santa Clara do Porto is a very important heritage heritage of national character that it is urgent to preserve and promote. Its current state of degradation requires the implementation of rehabilitation / conservation and restoration actions. Valuation and promotion actions are also targeted. The realization of this operation will potentiate new dynamics and connections with geographically extended audiences.