Operation Castles in the North

Designation of the Project
| North Castles
Project Code | NORTE-04-2114-FEDER-000054
Main Objective | Conservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage
Intervention Region | North
Beneficiary Entity | Regional Direction of Culture of the North, Municipality of Montalegre and Municipality of Miranda do Douro

Date of Approval | 25.05.2016
Start Date | 04.11.2016
Date of conclusion |
Total Cost Eligible | € 2 372 897.49
Financial support from the European Union | € 2 016 962.87
National / Regional Public Financial Support | € 355 934.62 

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

The castles that are candidates for this operation, classified as National Monuments, or as Public Interest Buildings, are integrated into a legacy of the military architecture of the North Region that must be valued and disseminated.

Although some of these castles have already been subject to conservation studies and actions at the level of the building, given the nature and complexity of the interventions, it is important to continue the rehabilitation of the building, as well as to increase, in its various aspects, its promotion and promotion. Some of them are located in the urban network of the current municipalities, especially the Montalegre Castle, the Castle of Mogadouro and the Miranda do Douro Castle, or integrated into the rural landscape, such as the situation of Monforte Castle and Of Castelo de Outeiro, its prominence in the landscape gives them an odd character that allows them to assume as identity brand in the territory where they are integrated.

The 5 castles constitute a significant legacy of military architecture, in terms of the border heritage of the Northern Region. In order to promote and promote these monuments, it is necessary a set of material / immaterial interventions that enhance the enjoyment of each castle and promote this patrimonial network. It is intended that these actions develop new dynamics, be it with the local community, with the region, be it with the external visitor.

The castles that form part of this application are state-owned and are managed by the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North and have been the target of several historical studies, archaeological excavations, structural diagnoses and restoration of built structures. However, given the fiscal restraint of recent years, the castles show different evolutions. Although all these castles are open to the public visit, they do not have the same state of development of the conditions of accessibility and qualification of the conditions of their enjoyment. It is verified that Montalegre Castle, Miranda do Douro Castle and Mogadouro Castle present greater dignity in their structural conservation, in view of previous interventions promoted by the IPPC / IPPAR / DRCN, however, requiring an improvement in the circuits of Visit and qualification of the information to be provided to the visitors, through the provision, in different media, of communication solutions that are a factor a more attractive and enriching enjoyment. The Castle of Monforte and Castelo de Outeiro still have significant deficiencies in terms of the rehabilitation of their constructive structures, some sectors needing urgent rehabilitation intervention, as well as providing some circuits of visit with the necessary conditions of safety to the users. In addition to this type of intervention, the project contemplates, as in the other monuments that integrate this Operation, the availability to the visitor of information that contextualizes each monument per se and within the scope of the network to be created.