Heritage Days Program

Arouca, Tarouca, Miranda do Douro, Vila Real, Barcelos, Bragança, Mogadouro and Alfândega da Fé are the locations that, between April and September, will host the cycle of events integrated in Operation "North Heritage Days".

The initiative is promoted by the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North (DRCN), in partnership with the local municipalities, representing a total investment of 400 thousand Euros, co-financed by the Northern 2020 Program, through FEDER.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the DRCN focuses on decentralization and the cultural offer spread throughout the territory, presenting an innovative, attractive and attractive cultural tourism project, which uses cultural programming, mediation work with communities and tourism service and the competitiveness of the regional economy.
An unique and rare experience is designed for each of the places, offering, over two days, a program that will impregnate spaces, visitors and communities with new memories. The programming cycle «North Heritage Days» will take place on the following dates and places:

Program: Mosteiro de Arouca - 20 and 21 april                             Program: Mosteiro de Salzedas - 18 and 19 may


  Program: Concatedral de Miranda - 1 and 2 de june               Program: Sé de Vila Real - 15 and 16 june




An invitation to know the living wealth of this heritage!