Public funding for Culture, under the known budgetary constraints, has decreased substantially, imposing the cultural patronage system as an alternative to scarce resources.

Support from companies or individuals to Northern Culture Regional Direction translates to build a partnership with high visibility, an association with the prestige that came from the enormous asset value of the managed monuments by this entity throughout the North Country, excellence and unique character of the collections of the Museum and its outreach program and support for the Arts, in any of its manifestations.

Being a patron in the field of culture is so involved and have a responsible role in the safeguarding of cultural heritage or supporting the arts;

Being a patron in the area of Culture is to have the notoriety and prestige that such a category determines;

Being a patron in the field of culture is able to access a system of tax benefits - Statute of the Cultural Patronage - and stop preferential treatment for tax purposes, with the support granted bonuses object that, in the case of multiannual programs and projects, can reach to 130% of the amounts invested and considered in its entirety as costs for the year or losses.

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors are the entities who had the generosity to integrate core DRCN partners in safeguarding the cultural heritage or actions of dissemination and support to the Arts. Thus contributed to the transmission of our heritage asset for future generations and for the cultural development of the country. A noble and prestigious mission, which publicly thank here.

Belos Ares Imobiliária, Lda.
BMcar, concessionário BMW e MINI
Caixa de Crédito Agrícola - Beira Douro
Casa de Santo António de Britiande
Câmara Municipal de Miranda do Douro
Cutelarias Herdmar - Manuel Marques Herdeiros, S.A.
Douro Face
Hotel Lamego
José Manuel Ferreira Gonçalves Arantes
Lameirinho, Industria Têxtil
Lusitania Seguros
Milennium bcp
Multiopticas Lamego
Ótica Parente
Ourivesaria Oliveira
Primavera Business Software Solutions, S.A.
Quinta do Mosteirô
Ydentik Viseu