About Us

At a time when culture and communication plays an increasingly important role in contemporary society, the Regional Northern Culture Directorate commitment to creating a website that may arise as a shared interface and information by directing their content to approximate their public to the cultural reality of the north of the country.

On the one hand we intend to present the rich cultural heritage and the various activities that develop this vast territory populated castles, palaces, monasteries and churches, among others, is also our concern to make known the legal body that work and expertise we hold in terms of land-use planning, cultural heritage management and monitoring of the arts in the north of Portugal.

In an increasingly globalized world, the culture and the identity of people are values that matter increasingly preserved and handed down from generation to generation. It is our responsibility to ensure the legacy of cultural identity and heritage values we inherited from the past.

It is with this purpose that the Northern Regional Directorate of Culture develops its activity in order to safeguard, preserve, restore and communicate - to different types of audience - the values of existing tangible and intangible culture in the region.

Northern Culture Regional Director
António Ponte