The Northern Regional Directorate of Culture is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Culture, established by Decree-Law No. 215/2006 of 27 October. Its mission and duties are set out in Decree No 114/2012 of 25 May.

Its core structure, created by Decree No. 227/2012 of 30 August consists of a single organizational unit called the Direction of Cultural Property Services and seven flexible organic units.

The Order 24971/2007 of 18 October, created the flexible organic units called Promotion Division of Cultural Promotion and Management Division and Planning and the Order 7827/2010 of 30 April, reorganized the Management and Planning Division, whichIt changed its name and Financial Management Division and Human Resources.
The remaining five flexible organic units are composed of dependent services Abade Baçal Museum; Biscainhos Museum and Museum D. Diogo de Sousa; Museum of Terra de Miranda; Alberto Sampaio Museum and Palace of the Dukes of Braganza and Lamego Museum.

The work area is limited to the northern region.

The Regional Director of Northern Culture's mission, in the respective territorial constituency and in conjunction with the central bodies of the Ministry of Culture, the creation of access to cultural goods conditions, monitoring the activities and supervision of production structures artistic financed by the Ministry of Culture, the follow-up actions concerning the safeguarding, development and promotion of architectural and archaeological heritage, and also support for museums.